"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act. It's a habit."


Who We Are, How We Operate, and What That Means to You.......


One of our clients, who had just experienced a pilot program we had conducted for him and his direct reports, said to us "I would like your training to go throughout this entire organization, but I have one concern. When we have done something like this in the past, it seems the quality of the trainers who show up goes down with the level of employee being trained."

That was shortly after our work began, 20 years ago. His comments affirmed a decision we had made to keep our organization small - a support team to assist us behind the scenes - and, until founder Bill Wheless retired in April of 2009, just the two of us, Bill Wheless and Sherry Wyatt, working with our clients. The company is now under the sole ownership of Sherry Wyatt, who will personally be working with you or your team.



Sherry Wyatt

Sherry Wyatt joined founder Bill Wheless as a partner shortly after he started the company in 1990. With Bill's retirement in April of 2009, Sherry became sole owner.
For the 15 years prior to joining Wheless-Wyatt, Sherry developed and serviced client accounts in the television broadcasting business, giving her years of sales experience.
Her ability to quickly establish relationships with her clients based on trust, credibility, and confidence made her a natural in the coaching and training field. Her ability to teach these skills to others has kept her in high demand at Wheless-Wyatt Communications.

Clients are eager to work with this certified coach because she demonstrates such a clear understanding of the communication potential of each individual, and goes to work to help them overcome roadblocks and take their communication ability to a whole new level.


When you work with Wheless-Wyatt Communications you work personally with professional coach , Sherry Wyatt. You know you are going to receive the high-quality training and exceptional customer service you have heard about .

You will find that working with us is a pleasure. Because the company is privately owned, we don't have to operate on someone else's "policy", but rather on what is in the best interest of our clients. We are flexible, creative, and cooperative.

We look forward to hearing from you.