"The low road to impressing an audience is to speak to them in words they don't understand."
Sherry Wyatt

Advances in Communication Technology

That Can

Destroy Communication

A 3-hour seminar presented by Sherry M. Wyatt

Facial expression, demeanor, tone of voice, eye contact, and body language all add to understanding. When we lose these human elements by attempting to communicate without them, getting our message across as we intend becomes a challenge that can only be won with the understanding of what has been lost, and what we need to do to make up for it.

You may not be aware of the financial costs to your organization, (and to your own productivity), caused by three communications errors you and others in your company may be making every day.

The result is wasted time and effort, misunderstandings, meetings that accomplish nothing, and immeasurable costs to the company's bottom line.

As this seminar has been presented around the country, many have remarked that it was a "light-bulb" moment to have these errors pointed out and to learn solutions.

1. Why aren't most presenters aware that visual aids like handouts, decks, and PowerPoint have become the greatest obstacles between the presenter and the people he or she is trying to sell or convince or inform?

Why are many of the people in meetings not paying attention? Why do they leave without a clear understanding of what was discussed and what is to take place moving forward?

Following a few fundamentals of communication, the presenter can electrify the room and send everyone out convinced and committed.

2. Why have we let e-mail run our lives and waste a great portion of our day? How can it be used as it was intended? How can you change your own habits as well as the habits of those who try to communicate with you via e-mail? What is the cost to your company of doing nothing?

3. In excess of 90% of people admit that they are multitasking during conference calls. You may be one of them. How, then, can conference calls possibly be money savers if no one is paying attention? Why is this happening?

This seminar will define where the problems lie, and offer guidelines to solve them.

$3,750 plus travel expenses (for audiences up to 30 people)

$100 per person over 30

Client will provide meeting room and needed equipment