"The companies that create the most nourishing environment for personal growth will attract the most talented people."
-John Naisbitt, Reinventing the Corporation

Custom Seminars and Addresses

Let us develop a stand-alone seminar or address for your organization.  Or, we can contribute to your retreat or conference. 
Our programs provide actionable information to immediately result in behavior change, improving the effectiveness of your team. 
We have no off-the-shelf products. Only after we have learned more about your business and your intended goals, do we develop an address, a seminar, or a workshop, with your input, to address those goals.

For example:
                     This 3-hour seminar is often described as a "light bulb moment" by those attending.   Why are so many presentations totally boring and ineffective? Why do so many conference calls waste our time?   How can we avoid being overwhelmed by our email?
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                     This 1.5 hour address is for sales professionals who want to immediately set themselves apart from their competitors and have their clients and prospective clients welcoming their calls.
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                     This 3-hour seminar was developed for entry-level financial analysts to convince them that communication will be the most vital of all their skills.  It points out, and helps them avoid, communication errors being made in all industries, at all levels. 
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New employees need to know that there is much more to being successful than knowing how to do a job.  In addition to how well they perform, their value will be based on how they present themselves and the ability to communicate with others in a manner that gets things done.  The purpose of this seminar is to have their focus on all the right things - from the very beginning.

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We would welcome your call to discuss how we may provide a program that meets your need

or adds value to your retreat or conference 

After thoroughly understanding your needs, we will develop for your consideration, a custom plan,
that will include logistics and fees.