Wheless-Wyatt Communications
was founded on the belief that there is nothing we do that influences our careers more, positively or negatively, than the manner in which we communicate.


These are some of the needs our clients brought to us. 

Are they yours, as well?


Do our recent experiences listed below sound as though we could help you?


"I have been promoted to President of my company which requires that I make presentations inside and outside my organization.  I want to be a role model for my employees, but presentation skills has always been a weakness of mine.  Can you help?"

Speech Coaching or Executive Shadowing

"My salespeople really know their products, but they just aren't that good in front of the clients.  How can I get them to be clear, concise, organized, persuasive, and represent our company confidently?"

Presentation Workshops


"There are literally hundreds of media reps in our market competing for the same clients' advertising dollars.  How can you help my reps stand out from all the others?"

Presentation Workshops


"How am I coming across? Can I capture my audiences' attention? Are my ideas clear and persuasive? Am I reaching my goal?"

Speech Coaching or Presentation Workshops


"We are always looking for ways to make our retreats and conferences of value to everyone in attendance. What can you offer?"

Retreats and Conferences


"I have a competent manager who is not as effective as he could be because he is... intimidating, confrontational, doesn't listen, can't get his point across....What can be done?"

Executive Shadowing


Some of our recent experiences have been:
  • Working one-on-one and in group workshops with thousands of individuals from all aspects of the banking industry......an on-going 14-year relationship.
  • Coaching an international manufacturing company plant manager through preparing and delivering an address to 200 employees who were polarized on both sides of a decision concerning union membership.
  • Through an executive coaching relationship with a Division Director of a major financial organization and with his direct reports, discovered and solved communication issues that were keeping them from being the effective communicators they sought to be.  Consequently, effective communication became a major focus and the expectation of such was filtered throughout the entire 400-member team by way of seminars delivered regionally all over the country.
  • Developing a custom program that addressed the presentation needs of the top executives of a national not-for-profit organization to insure that their presentations sent a positive and accurate message to their communities, donors and supporters.       
  • Coaching a top producer at a global law firm in Washington, DC to help him move to the next level in his presentation skills, affecting his interactions with clients and potential clients.
  • Addressing the presentation skills of the sales force of a global packaging company headquartered in the southeast, giving them the skills to set themselves apart from the competition.
  • Coaching a regional executive as he prepared to deliver the commencement address at a major southeastern University School of Business graduation
We have worked with all levels of employees from the CEO on down, in a variety of industries, all across the country.

Does it sound as though our experiences can help you?

Let's talk and find out.