"In real estate, it's location, location, location. In presenting, it's preparation, preparation, preparation."
Sherry Wyatt

It Doesn't Matter What You Know....

A 3-hour seminar for Entry Level Analysts presented by Sherry M. Wyatt

To the analysts:  "Once hired, it doesn't matter that you graduated with honors.
It doesn't matter where you placed in your class.  It doesn't even matter what you know or how much you know unless you can communicate what you know to others in a manner that leads to their understanding and confidence in the quality of your work."   Sherry Wyatt

This seminar is to convince entry level analysts that communication will be the most vital of all their skills.  It will point out, and help them avoid, communication errors being made in all industries, at all levels. 

1.  How are you coming across?  Learn the importance of knowing what signals you are sending and how those signals affect your believability.   

2.  Sixty percent (60%) of errors made in business are the result of poor listening.  This seminar will explain 4 listening strategies that will absolutely set you apart.

3.  Unfortunately, most presenters rely on an information-packed pitch book which allows most clients to "pretend" to listen while taking the opportunity to think of other things.  As analysts preparing pitch books, you will learn why there is such a "disconnect", and gain an understanding of communication effectiveness, designing pitch books that AID the presentation rather than detract from it.

4.  Multitasking is ruining productivity.  A study by the University of Michigan in 2001 stated that "chronic multitasking has roughly the same effect on the brain as several strong martinis".  You will learn the consequences of multitasking, not the least of which is poor manners.

5.   Your use of technology to communicate may be a way of life. As a business professional, however, e-mail, instant messages, and texting can overwhelm you and waste a great portion of your day. Learn to use these technologies as they were intended, as business tools, utilizing strategies that will streamline efficiency.

This seminar is intended as a "heads up" to help new analysts succeed by offering guidelines to avoid the most common of business communications problems.

$3,750 plus travel expenses (for audiences up to 30 people)

 $100 per person over 30

Client will provide meeting room and needed equipment