"In real estate, it's location, location, location. In presenting, it's preparation, preparation, preparation."
Sherry Wyatt


Presentation Skills That Will Set You Apart


A 90 minute address presented by Sherry M. Wyatt

Most likely, your competition can supply your clients with the same products and services that you can.  The only thing the competition doesn't have is YOU.  In order to prevail, you must stand out.  You must be different.

People do business with PEOPLE they like and trust.  How can you get potential clients to take the time to like and trust you, and to begin by giving you that  first appointment?

From this message, you will learn:

1.  What is much more important than what you say

2.  Why it is important for you to know how you are coming across

3.  Six signals buyers want, and how to send the signal you intend

4.  What the term "presentation" means beyond the literal sense of the

5.  What you need to know about first impressions and how to make
     the impression you intend

6.  The problem with knowing your client too well

7.  A skill critical to sales, and how to perform that skill better than almost anyone

This message offers ideas and guidelines that will have you standing out from your competition immediately!

$3,750 plus travel expenses (for audiences up to 30 people)

$100 per person over 30

Client will provide meeting room and needed equipment