"If you don't know how you are coming across to other people, you are the only person who doesn't know."
-Bill Wheless
  Have you ever had these thoughts about someone who reports to you?

"He seems to lack conviction. I guess he feels strongly about important issues, but you would never know it from the way he comes across."

"She isn't decisive. She will allow something to be talked to death. Her people want her to make a decision and move on."

"He doesn't act like a CEO. He used to be VP of Production/Operations, and I think that's how he still sees himself."

"She wears me out. She doesn't know how to get to the point. And I'm sure if she's doing it with me (the boss), she's doing it with her direct reports, customers - everybody. We have to fix it."

"I've got to have somebody strong running that division; somebody who can take all of those people down there and make a high performance unit out of them."


  Executive Shadowing

The quotes on the left are from clients describing executives who often are strong players, but whose communication skills leave them short. No matter what words are used to describe the problem, these are all leadership issues that affect careers and the company's overall performance.

The need for self-awareness among today's business leaders and executives has never been greater. Nowhere is that self-awareness more important than in an executive's interpersonal communication skills. Often, because of improvement needed in this area, an executive is not as effective as he or she could be, nor the type of leader who brings out the best in the people on their team.

To address the problem , we offer executive coach Sherry Wyatt - a skilled communicator who brings objectivity to the task, and whose sole function is to help clients understand how they currently come across. She allows the client to understand the impact their behavior has on everyone and to examine options for improving their performance through communication.

The process begins with a phone call to us to determine the best approach.

After thoroughly understanding your needs, we will develop for your consideration, a custom plan,
that will include logistics and fees.