"It doesn't matter how much you know unless you can effectively convey what you know to another person and in doing so make something happen."
-Bill Wheless


There is no denying the power of a skilled presenter


Speech Coaching - Critiquing Your Message and Your Delivery


A powerful, well crafted message achieves it's goal when masterfully presented by an engaging, interesting, stimulating speaker. Therefore, depending on your need, our attention may be focused on the message, your delivery, or both.

"I honestly believe that the time that I have spent under your instruction will be some of the most important and valuable training that I will receive in my career." 

Richard C. Coggins,  Chief Financial Officer, Span-America Medical Systems


Let us work with you prior to delivering that high-stakes presentation to it's final audience.



  Your Message

   You may send your presentation and visuals to us for critiquing .

  • Do you have a clear purpose (goal) for your presentation?

  • Is your message targeted to the needs and interests of your audience?
  • Do you have a strong opening that immediately engages your audience?

  • Are your remarks logically organized and easy to follow?

  • Is your presentation interesting, including stories and anecdotal material?

  • Do your visuals and handout materials add value to your message?

  • Does your ending move your audience to action?


  Your Delivery

It is most effective if we coach you in person.  If that is not possible, you may send us a recording of your delivery to critique.

  • Do you exhibit the personal presence that intrigues your audience and creates a favorable first impression?

  • Are you natural and energetic, using your personality to deliver your remarks with confidence?

  • Do you use gestures, body language, eye contact, interaction with your audience to have each person feel that you are speaking directly to him or her?

  • Is it clear from your manner that you have done your homework and know what you are talking about?

  • Do you come across as sincere, honest, and totally believable?

  • Do you leave your audience wanting more?

Flexible, training delivery options, to fit your needs/budget 

1. We can travel to you and work with you or your team in person

2. We can critique your message, delivered to us via email
3. We can coach you by telephone
4. We can critique your delivery ability and style if you send us your presentation on a dvd or via the web

5. We can schedule a telephone appointment to advise you and to answer your questions regarding content and delivery
If you have other ideas about how we can supply what you need, the answer is probably "Yes"!  
Many clients find that just one session or conversation is all they need to discover what they should be doing differently.  They then go on to focus on those areas, practicing on their own, and greatly improving the value of their messages and their delivery.
Other clients request our coaching anytime they have a high-stakes presentation to deliver.
Please give us a call.  Let's discuss what you want to achieve and how we can contribute. 
After thoroughly understanding your needs, we will develop for your consideration, a custom plan, that will include logistics and fees.