"We have too many cookie-cutter presenters. I want you to bring yourself with you when you present."
-Sherry Wyatt

What Does Developing the Skill of Effective Communication Mean to You?

In all walks of life, your credibility and effectiveness are directly related to how you present your ideas to others; how you inspire, educate, or persuade them. Your communication ability can have the most dramatic influence on your effectiveness as a leader. It affects how you are viewed by your company, coworkers, potential investors, customers, and everyone with whom you come in contact.

Become A Powerful Presenter - Workshops, Seminars, and other delivery options 


Senior-level executives, mid-level managers, sales professionals, and entry-level employees.....
  • Learn to speak confidently, clearly, persuasively
  • Learn to be organized in thoughts and communications with other people
  • Learn to deliver content with power and passion
  • Learn how they are coming across; and come across the way they intend

    Learn in a positive, supportive environment, with a coach who really cares about your personal success


 Topics often included are:

Confidence and controlling anxiety
  • what can I do to gain confidence?
  • how can I keep my nervousness under control?

  Planning, organization, and structure
  • when should planning begin?
  • how do I get started?
  • how do I engage my audience from the beginning?
  • what are some ways to logically present the order of my information?
  • how can I get my audience to remember my main points?
  • how do I close so my audience will do what I want them to do?


Visual Aids

  • when should visual aids, including PowerPoint and handouts be used?
  • how do I use them effectively?



  • how can I make a good first impression?
  • how can I set the tone?
  • what can I do to come across the way I intend?
  • do I have distracting habits?
  • what is the most important thing to remember?
Dealing with the unexpected
  • how do I handle tough questions and/or hostile questioners?
  • what do I do if asked to shorten the time I had planned to present?
  • how do I handle objections?
  • what do I do if the PowerPoint equipment fails?
  • what do I do if I am losing the attention of my audience?
  • what do I do if someone is "texting" or using his blackberry while I am talking?
  • how should I handle it if I completely "draw a blank"?


Flexible, training delivery options, to fit your needs/budget


   After discussing your needs, we will recommend the best options for training delivery.  Your best solution may be

  1. A highly participatory workshop for a small group*

  2. Valuable knowledge delivered to a larger group in a seminar setting 

  3. Individual training by telephone appointments to answer your questions and advise you

  4. Critiquing your presentations delivered to us on dvd or via the internet


If you have other ideas about how we could meet your needs, the answer is probably "Yes"! Let's get creative!

We would welcome your call to discuss options.


*(The majority of our workshops are conducted within companies, however we may also host a session for "open enrollment" for participants from various companies.  If you have an interest in having an open enrollment session near you, please give us a call and we will see if we can make that happen.)

Comments from recent workshop participants


  • "I try to take one training class every quarter, and in six years, yours is by far the most valuable I have attended."
  • "Absolute best CPE I've ever had.  What I learned I will be able to apply through out the rest of my career."

  •  "You have a way of making everyone feel comfortable, everyone doesn't have that quality."
  • "I learned skills that will help me present myself, thoughts, and ideas more effectively." 
  • "This was without a doubt the MOST worthwhile CPE class ever offered.  I highly recommend MANDATING this course for ALL partners in the Firm.
  • "You would have been proud! Yesterday's presentation was flawless.......... Again, many thanks for your help in keeping us from ruining our audience's ability to learn and enjoy!"
  • "Your workshop was the best I have ever attended.  I really enjoyed it and took back much more from it than I could ever have anticipated.  A true confidence builder."
  • "I can't tell you how much I enjoyed being in this class - I saw a side of myself that I didn't even realize existed."

  • "Sherry has the ability to see the best and the worst in you, and to make it work to your advantage.  Always open to questions and ever-ready to help/point you in the right direction.  A person to look up to in terms of work ethics, drive and passion for life."
  • "Thank you for such an enjoyable class.  I can honestly say that I came away from this training session with an enlightened understanding of myself."
  • "You are a great role-model for the skills we all learned or fine-tuned over the past two days." 
  • "Sherry was very impressive in her comfort level, professionalism, and honest feedback."

After thoroughly understanding your needs, we will develop for your consideration, a custom plan,
that will include logistics and fees.